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INFOFIT is North America's School for Fitness Professionals.

The Trainer's Resource for Youth Fitness

The youth of North America are in trouble; we as a nation are following a dangerous disease trend.

  • 35% of boys are overweight in Canada
  • 29% of girls are overweight in Canada
  • We have 2x the level of obesity in pre-adolescents and 3x in adolescents than we did in the 1970’s
  • Children spend an average of three-to-five hours per day in front of the TV or computer

Our youth are in danger; our nation needs leaders.

It is a well known fact that...

children and adolescents need an outlet for their energy; without it, they can get bored, frustrated and angry, leading to all sorts of physical and behavioural issues. What they need is to channel their energy and creativeness into something productive like physical activity.


  • You will feel great knowing that you are making a difference in your community
  • Your mentorship can change children for life; you can be the spark that influences how the youth mature and impact their community.
  • You will be in demand and your business will grow. All amateur programs welcome fitness professionals that show an interest in helping the kids get healthier, fitter and perform better. Your assistance tends to lead to many great business referrals.
  • You will be helping out many struggling parents. Parents are looking for ways to get kids active and are willing to spend money to help them get fit or improve on their sport performance.

How to become a Youth Fitness leader

INFOFIT educators has found a great add-on specialty certification it’s called JrFit™ Youth Fitness Specialty Certification* Home Study Program

This great program offers research-based continuing education for health and fitness professionals (personal trainers, group fitness instructors, health/wellness coaches, sports nutrition specialists and athletic trainers) who wish to specialize in youth fitness.

This home study program offers a highly effective plan for enabling youth fitness trainers to improve health, increase fitness, sports performance and reduce body fat for youth (ages 7-17). Trainers will gain an understanding of sensible strength and power training, athletic conditioning and nutrition to safely and effectively train youth of all fitness levels from the star youth athlete to the kid suffering with childhood obesity and low self esteem.

Also, JrFit™ is the only youth fitness certification* approved by all major personal training, sports nutrition, group fitness certification organizations, including INFOFIT Educators!

So, if you would like to work with kids and make a difference in your community, then check out this great program.

Our nation’s youth needs leadership, why not let it be you!

Respectfully and in Good Health
Andre Noel Potvin
INFOFIT Educators
604 683-0785