Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for the awesome workout today.  You always have rave reviews from me.   I love the progress and am blown away how your attention to detail makes such an enormous difference!   I’ve been lifting weights for 17 years on-and-off and it’s mind blowing how precision makes things so challenging.  

Posted By: Christina Kontogeorgiou July 2013


Thank you so much for the awesome workout today. You always have rave reviews from me.  I love the progress and am blown away how your attention to detail makes such an enormous difference!   I’ve been lifting weights for 17 years on-and-off and it’s mind blowing how precision makes things so challenging.  

Thank you Sly Dog, your the bomb! ” – Christina K. July 2013


Loved working with Sylvain, he is fantastic at what he does and I would recommend him to everyone!

Posted by: Stephanie Bowler – Squamish BC December 2012


Sylvain is a dynamic health & fitness individuals that takes clients and referred patients to a whole new level of heath and wellness. His knowledge is unsurpassed and his care for people is full of compassion, fun and success. As a fitness teacher he inspires “new to be” fitness trainers and gives them the skills, training and practical wisdom needed in the today’s real world.
Posted by: Dr Brian Martin ND- Vancouver BC March 1, 2013


I am grateful to be studying/apprenticing to be an Elite Personal Trainer at INFOFIT Educators and am under the guidance of one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Sylvain Cyr – Course Instructor/Exam Preparation Tutor/Trainer of Fitness Leaders/Elite Personal Trainer Extraordinaire!

Sylvain reassured me that not only am I going to regain my health but I will be better and stronger because of this experience. He also said that my niche has just been presented to me. Once I come through this, I will be an expert!

Sylvain is now my personal trainer/coach/mentor. I had my 3rd session with him today, and I can honestly say that I am feeling good. I can even see the light at the end of the tunnel! He did his initial assessment and then we started working with my stability and mobility. I am growing more successful as time goes by. We are now including functional movements in my program and will soon begin to add weight.

With Sylvain’s expertise and encouragement, I am feeling more in control of my body again, and with his gentle guidance…taking it slow as per Dr’s orders.
Thank you Sylvain! You have been so supportive and have given me strength and courage to get through this. I aspire to one day be in the same league of “Elite” as you in the Fitness Industry.

Blessings and love


Thanks Sylvain for an excellent workout and being such an awesome and positive trainer!!
I am so grateful that u came into my life and that I am getting an opportunity to work with YOU!!! You will have a lasting impression on me…
Posted by: Paula Temple-March, December 2012


Sylvain is a hard working very creative person, who will motivate you to train as hard as you can and you will see the results soon.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Posted by:  Adriaan Schipper  October 2012


Loved working with Sylvain, he is fantastic at what he does and I would recommend him to everyone!”
Posted by: Stephanie Bowler November 24, 2011


Thanks for taking such good care of my boys, Max and Nathan.  They love their sessions, thoroughly enjoy your company, and are clearly benefiting from all that you do with them.

Couldn’t ask for more!

xo Claire

Posted by: Claire Malliaris, March 2012


Hello Sylvain,
I feel this message is long overdue. I want to write you to say thank you! Without your help and support I would not be where I am today. When I first started my sessions with you I had very little love for myself and little to no faith in what I could achieve. I am now in a much better place both mentally and physically. I have lost 35lbs since I started my weight loss journey and I now have the confidence I will get to my goal of losing another 30lbs.

I have so much more energy and zest for life and could not have gained either one of those without you! I now work out 5 days a week and LOVE IT!!!

I felt a bond with you that I have not felt with anyone in a very long time. You made me feel like I could do anything I set my mind to, no matter the hardships. In my journey there has definitely been hardships but I still push through.

I attribute my success to the guidance and support you have given me. For that, I am forever grateful and I will never forget that!

Again, thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

Posted by: Mel Sereda, February 2012


I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you for the good butt kicking sessions, Thanks, I need it, I will see you for other round tomorrow.
Posted by: Dez Kalhofer, June 2011


Well thanks again Cathie! You are a great trainer very detailed and personal to me which is not something I have ever seen before. What i a great workout, I cannot wait until our next session – I have called the office and bought more sessions with you already!
Posted by: Charlene Perra, April 2011


Cathie, I am happy to report that after our workout on Monday my pain decreased. I was so so so happy because finally I found a way which helps me!!! Yesterday I showed the program to my chiropractor, Dr Brenda Mason, and she was pleased with your program. I will be back for our regular workout because I know it is the only way which would help me…Thank you so much. You were so patient. Thank you so much for all your help! Wish you a good weekend.
Posted by: Dina Sobuti Zanjani, December 2010


Cathie is amazing…I enjoyed my session with her.  
Posted by: Nicole Petitclerc, October 2010


OK Sylvain!!… are a rock star!!!!  I feel so sucessful with you as my trainer, you can really gauge the appropriate work loadI have tried other guys but you are the best.  
Posted by: Ricky September 2010


I had a great workout with Sylvain…he always removes whatever stresses or issues I have in my mind and keeps me smiling and sweating….I am going to sleep well tonight.My cob webs are gone and any negative energy I had today (and there was lots) was quickly removed by being with Sylvain.
Posted by: Gail E September 2010


I just wanted to say I have found the quality of the workouts to be excellent. The dynamic of two very different trainers, Sylvain and Andre, on the same program I think makes an incredible difference. Have a great day,
Posted by: Tristan Sawtell, Investment Advisor, TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice, September 2010


I had an unbelievable sessions with Slyvain yesterday…love the approach he took. Oh I am pumped to work at getting the results I want. The Dream body package seems like my ticket! Thanks also to Cathy who was very attentive and informative to what I needed to do and be aware of with my RMR testing. I like that Slyvain and Cathy worked to get together to learn how I responded to the cardio testing…now all I need to do is wear my best friend heart monitor and keep all the information I learned in my brain…to move forward on my quest. ;> Thanks again for being here for people like us.
Posted by: Gail E. July 2010


I love having Jeff as my trainer, his capacity to provide fitness leadership, encouragement, and compassion is most impressive. I really enjoy collaborating with him to create a mind/body connection for myself.
Posted By: Joanne D April 2010


Hello Andre – just wanted to thank you again for last Friday and the fitness test. I learned SO much, and am very grateful for the new insights – primarily it was a HUGE gift to know that I wasn’t going crazy (with endless workouts and incredibly stubborn weight loss I was beginning to think I was losing my mind!). I instituted the changes right away in my workouts since Friday – long sessions (or even two sessions with long brisk walks with the dog as well) all under my anaerobic threshold. Also made a few adjustments to my diet as you recommended. And things seem to be working (fingers crossed) – have already lost lbs since Friday, so it’s coming off really well now. I am thrilled, as you might imagine!
Posted by: Mary Ann S. Anderson, February 2010