SrFit™ – The Trainer’s Resource for Senior Fitness

INFOFIT Educators, North America’s school for Exercise Education and Fitness Professional Certifications, has teamed up the American Academy of Health and Fitness (AAHF), a professional association whose overall mission is to instil quality of life through the gamut of aging by providing advanced training and continuing education for certified personal trainers, athletic trainers and certified nurses aides, to offer you:

SrFit™ Senior Fitness Specialty Certification

Our SrFit™ Senior Fitness Specialty Certification* is approved for the following continuing education credits:

  • ACE, 2.0 (ACSM and the YMCA accept ACE CECs**)
  • BCRPA, 20.0
  • BOC, 24.0
  • canfitpro (PTS, OAS), 4.0
  • CPTN, 14.0
  • HFPA, 2.0
  • ISSA, 20.0
  • NASM, 1.9
  • NASN, 2.0
  • NCCPT, 1.1
  • NCSF, 10.0
  • NESTA, 2.0
  • NETA, 20.0
  • NSCA (CSCS, CPT), 2.0
  • SFA, 2.0
  • WITS, 22.0

Our SrFit™ Senior Fitness Specialty Certification


The Home Study Program
is a 20 hour program offered to you in a distance-learning format. It provides research-based continuing education for health and fitness professionals (personal trainers, group fitness instructors, health/wellness coaches, and athletic trainers) who wish to specialize in senior fitness. This home study program presents information that will ena
ble senior fitness trainers to gain an understanding of how the aging process affects all the systems of the body, identify dietary changes that may be needed, and develop effective training strategies for fitness levels spanning master athlete to frail and elderly. You will learn to prevent, improve and manage a multitude of chronic diseases, improve flexibility, endurance, strength and optimal function for Baby Boomers and beyond (mid 40’s and older).

Our SrFit™ is the only senior fitness certification* approved by all major personal training, sports nutrition, group fitness certification organizations and BOC for athletic training. This specialty certification* qualifies for sufficient continuing education credits (CECs), or continuing education units (CEUs), to renew many personal training and group fitness certifications. Certified personal trainers, group fitness instructors, health and wellness coaches, sports nutrition specialists and athletic trainers holding more than one certification may obtain CECs/CEUS for all certifications for which they need continuing education with this single home study program at no additional cost.

“SrFit has been one of my favorite and most enjoyable advanced study programs yet. The information provides the who-what-where-when-and-whys for successfully training and educating older adults. I would highly recommend SrFit for all fitness professionals who are planning to work with the mature population. When I contacted American Academy of Health and Fitness with questions, they got back to me in a timely manner and gladly answered my questions.”
Robin Heckendorf, BA, NASM CPT, PES
Austin, Texas

SrFit™ Course Objectives


Overall objective of the SrFit program: To instruct already certified and experienced personal trainers so they are able to build upon their existing knowledge and skill to safely and effectively work with the ever-growing senior population, and more specifically teach the trainer to:

1.Learn and appreciate how the aging process impacts the organ systems, as well as understand the risk factors associated with chronic diseases.

2.Identify dietary changes that may be needed as a result of aging, and also recognize how diet is related to the different chronic diseases that become more apparent    as people grow older.

3.Gain knowledge of safe and effective training techniques for the older adult, including guidelines specific to older adult flexibility, endurance and strength training.

4.Be aware of and be capable of conducting comprehensive senior health assessment and fitness testing procedures.

5.Understand chronic diseases and be able to design and modify programs for clients with specific chronic diseases.

6.Identify with what motivates the older adult and discover how to create an age friendly environment.

7.Become skilled at finding and appealing to senior clients, in addition to discovering ways to build your credibility and establish yourself as an expert in the field of senior fitness.

Course Materials


This course includes a 330 page manual, 60 page study guide, 2 1/2 hour DVD set featuring Wayne Westcott, a one hour audio CD featuring Tammy Petersen with her husband Mark, a geriatrician and examination and qualifies for up to 24 hours of CEU credit with major certifying organizations. Instructions for completing the online examination and obtaining CEU credit are also included. 

Upon purchase of the course, we mail all the course materials to you. Once you are prepared to take the test, you go on line to complete the 60-question multiple choice test. Upon passing the test (80% score or better), we will email a pdf of your certificate to you.



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* In the United States SrFit™ is designated a specialty certification by most major certification organizations. In Canada SrFit™ is recognized as an advanced training or specialist program. Under either of these designations, the program is a continuing education program for which the expected prerequisite is a core certification in personal training, group exercise, or athletic training. SrFit™ does not require renewal fees or CECs/CEUs. Instead, it is a CEC/CEU program that is used to renew a core certification.

** Different professional organizations offer continuing education credits, most commonly called CECs (continuing education credits) and CEUs (continuing education units). Most CECs/CEUs require one contact hour of professional activity for one credit. Example conversions are: ACE, NSCA and NASM: 0.1 = 1.0 contact hour; ACSM, BOC, ISSA, WITS and YMCA: 1.0 = 1.0 contact hour.

*** Orders shipped to other countries may be subject to customs charges and/or other taxes and fees charged by authorities in the destination country. Any customs charges and/or other taxes and fees charged by the destination country are the responsibility of the customer. We are unable to advise the exact charges that may occur as they vary from country to country.

Unconditional Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with this AAHF material, you may receive a full refund, less shipping and handling charges. Materials must be returned unmarked and intact within 30 days of receiving them. All refunds will be made in the same payment method as received.