Student Testimonials


I received a heartfelt thank you from one of my clients, and as I sit here in tears reading how his back has improved drastically after his session with me, I thought of you. 

Thank you for your dedication to my learning.  Thank you for all of your support.  Thank you for sharing your contagious passion.  Thank you for just being…you!

Xo Carey

April 2014


Thank You INFOFIT! I now have the fundamentals I will need in order to become an Elite Personal Trainer and make my career goals possible. Thank you

-Kristen Sundevic , February 2014


I would like to thank INFOFIT and Sylvain for their amazing help throughout the process of becoming a Personal Trainer. Sylvain you are a great teacher who took time to help me understand all the material!

-Rhea Proulx, March 2014


Thank you for accepting me into the Fast Track program! I really need to praise Jon for his teaching and helping me get my Mom fit! I should of enrolled in this program years ago!!

-Betty Yam, March 2014


The courses I took with INFOFIT linked my previous physical knowledge from working out with the scientific information from the courses including anatomy and physiology. Now, when  sharing my knowledge with others, I can articulate myself in the scientific language. I am more presentable as a professional, and I got everything I needed from the courses to further my Fitness Career.
-Edward Tiojanco,
December 2013


I thought I was really knowledgeable about exercise and resistance training. Now that I have taken INFOFIT’s Courses, my training programs have increased in efficiency dramatically and am seeing results right away. I have changed the way I am training completely, according to what I was taught in class.
-Stephanie Dick, November 2013


Sylvain I’m really enjoying the course with you so far! I’ve learned SO much. I really appreciate all the extra handouts and help you’re offering.  You clearly really love your job so it’s easy to get excited about training and learning. I was feeling so lost before starting with you on Saturday but am feeling quite comfortable with the course now. So thank you. INFOFIT is the best school for personal trainers

Posted by: Alicia Smart, July 2013


Sylvain Cyr has been an unforgettable mentor and teacher in my life as well. Great teachers rarely get the recognition they deserve. This may not be hand written, but Sylvain, THANK YOU! You’re amongst the best I know and I admire your expertise. You are someone who I try to become more like daily. Thanks for the help  and thanks for the inspiration!  

Posted by: Josh Lesperance – May 2013


Sylvain Cyr, you are an incredibly generous person.  Words will NEVER be able to express my ever long gratitude for all your time and knowledge and Patience!  To have attained this certification is more than Just becoming a personal trainer, its symbolic of “Mountains that I once thought existed and now know beyond a doubt that’ there are No Mountains” , but Just a road one is meant to travel.  How challenging of what lies ahead really is a matter of perspective.  

Thank you for being my mentor, teacher, friend and supporter.  With Love & Respect.  

Steely Springham – ACE CERTIFIED PT May 2013


I was lucky enough to have Sylvain be my teacher as I studied for my Personal Training Certifications. He found creative ways to help me learn the material to not only succeed on exams, but really understand the principles and apply the knowledge in real life situations with my own clients. From the first day I met Sylvain he has always inspired me to be my best. His enthusiasm for teaching and training is contagious and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with him.

Posted by: Gurminder Parmar – Vancouver, BC Oct 2012


Sylvain is a high energy and supportive individual. His enthusiasm is contagious and depth of knowledge is thorough. I have attended many classes, lectures and tutorials with Sylvain, and I continue to return to him because he implements a variety of teaching approaches guaranteed to reach every type of learner.
Posted by: Julia Brobbel – Vancouver, BC October 29, 2012


Sylvain is a dynamic health & fitness individuals that takes clients and referred patients to a whole new level of heath and wellness. His knowledge is unsurpassed and his care for people is full of compassion, fun and success. As a fitness teacher he inspires “new to be” fitness trainers and gives them the skills, training and practical wisdom needed in the today’s real world.
Posted by: Dr Brian Martin ND- Vancouver BC March 1, 2013


Sylvain has a fantastic attitude towards fitness and in general. He motivates and educates his students with enthusiasm while keeping them entertained with his energy.
Posted by: Dan Mez – Founder – Fitness on the Go – October 13th 2012


Sylvain is one of the most inspiring and well studied teachers I’ve had, but the best quality beyond that, that Sylvain shares, is that he genuinely cares about the growth and advancement of his students. To add to that, I’ve also had many opportunities to see him at work with fitness clients. In this area he’s very engaged, and highly skilled, both in technique and motivation. 

Peter Ellingson-  Personal Trainer Vancouver BC October 12, 2012


INFOFIT is an excellent school for fitness professionals, great experience today with Mr Sylvain Cyr! I recommend INFOFIT to anyone who wants to learn and develop themselves within the fitness industry! I feel humbled by their professionalism and fantastic teachers. I am now a sealed trainer and couldn’t have done it without their help ! Yea!!!
Posted by: Sandy Enright, June 22, 2013


Dear Andre,
I’m writing to you to say “Thank You”! I am so grateful to INFOFIT for helping me to reach my goal of becoming a personal Trainer. I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of The extremely knowledgeable staff .

Cathie Glennon is such an amazing teacher, tutor, trainer! Cathie helped me to understand a variety of training and programming procedures and techniques. She is patient , kind, caring and those qualities coupled with her great knowledge and expertise of physiology , Biology , health, wellness and biomechanics were so valuable in helping me to better understand the human body AND the human condition. Cathie really contributed so much to my success I am a better person for knowing Cathie.

My Practical exam was done with Sylvain. Sylvain was fun to work with, calm and very organized throughout my exam. He explained everything thoroughly and made me feel comfortable and safe . Sylvain made me work hard and i really feel like I earned my certification! He was helpful and understanding and took extra time to give me great tips and ideas relating to program design and enhancement . I am so excited to get started in the field of fitness and help seniors to live longer , healthier lives!

Thank you INFOFIT for making the past year so interesting, rewarding and pleasurable. I would highly recommend INFOFIT and its professional team of experts. Cathie Glennon was such a wealth of information and I absolutely loved the time I spent with her. I feel like I was always supported and was treated with kindness and she helped me to gain confidence as a trainer.

Jon Webster was a good instructor and worked diligently to try and help me find ways to memorize important material.

Della was so great, she let me shadow her training sessions and never complained even when I kept asking her “are you breathing properly”? What a fun and happy lady!

Chrystal is so organized and always had a smile even when I asked the same question many times ! Andre , you have such a wonderful school and a great staff!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!

INFOFIT, the school of choice for fitness professionals. Standing out and making a difference in people’s lives, one trainer at a time!

Posted by: Sandy Enright, July 2013


I am grateful to be studying/apprenticing to be an Elite Personal Trainer at INFOFIT Educators and am under the guidance of one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Sylvain Cyr – Course Instructor/Exam Preparation Tutor/Trainer of Fitness Leaders/Elite Personal Trainer Extraordinaire!

Sylvain reassured me that not only am I going to regain my health but I will be better and stronger because of this experience. He also said that my niche has just been presented to me. Once I come through this, I will be an expert!

Sylvain is now my personal trainer/coach/mentor. I had my 3rd session with him today, and I can honestly say that I am feeling good. I can even see the light at the end of the tunnel! He did his initial assessment and then we started working with my stability and mobility. I am growing more successful as time goes by. We are now including functional movements in my program and will soon begin to add weight.

With Sylvain’s expertise and encouragement, I am feeling more in control of my body again, and with his gentle guidance…taking it slow as per Dr’s orders.
Thank you Sylvain! You have been so supportive and have given me strength and courage to get through this. I aspire to one day be in the same league of “Elite” as you in the Fitness Industry.

Blessings and love


I Learned so much in such a short period of time, the most useful thing I learned is the professional terminology (Personal Trainer Language) that other health care practitioners use.

Brittany, April 2013


With the knowledge I have gained from the Fitness Theory Course, I can make my own workouts more efficient, in terms of the times investment and exercise intensity.

Mark Rabinski April, 2013


I enjoyed the instructors’ delivery of the content, which kept us engaged. There was no shortage of class participation and discussion, led by the fantastic INFOFIT Instructors.

Bronwyn Marlowe, April, 2013