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10 Fitness Career Tips for Personal Trainers

Fast Track Your Personal Training Career with these tips.

Fitness Career Tips :

  1. Take a course in leading a class in group fitness. Attend a few successful group fitness classes for the working experience in understanding what is needed.
  2. Expand your knowledge in outdoor fitness training as well as gym-based, as it makes you think more laterally on how to train people.
  3. Get certified in nutrition as it’s a key factor in improving your clients’ condition and reaching fitness goals.
  4. Try to get involved with peers and leaders in the industry, so you can share knowledge, learn and understand so you can deal with all types of clients.
  5. Get yourself a good bookkeeper, so you know what can be written off your taxes, you need to learn what you can claim.
  6. Learn how to train the fastest-growing population in the nation’s health clubs; fitness for individuals 50 yrs and older.
  7. Have a structured system to hold your clients accountable in reaching their goal. Make sure they meet you in the middle.
  8. Offer a bundle of fitness sessions at a discount to encourage clients to commit to training with you.
  9. Practice what you preach and walk your talk. You don’t have to look like professional athlete, but you should be able to demonstrate the exercises your clients are doing.
  10. Know your human anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition and massage to earn more respect from your clients.

Have fun and enjoy your Career in Fitness!


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