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7 Minute Full Body Weight Workout HIIT

HIIT is a variety of extremely intense activities

 ACE fitness certificHIIT trainingation and ACSM certification graduate Sylvain Cyr defines the exercise science and demonstrates the full body weight high-intensity interval training fitness. He puts the latest research from the American College of Sports Medicine into practice.

High intensity interval training is a variety of extremely intense activities that must be intermingled with brief periods of recovery. Do these body weight movements with only 12 exercises. By using a chair and a wall, do this strength conditioning exercise with an intensity approaching your maximum capacity. This should hover at about an exertion of 8 on scale of 1 to 10.

30 Seconds Bursts For Each

Performed at speedy intense successions, these exercises are done with 30 seconds bursts for each, with a 10 second recovery between Alternate the exercise that emphasizes the large muscles in the upper body with the muscles in the lower body. During the movement, the recent inactive muscles have a moment to breath, which makes the process of these exercises important.

HIIT Session Produces Molecular Changes

The beauty of this rather grueling 7 minute full body weight workout HIIT session produces molecular (super fat burning) changes within muscles comparable to those of few hours of bike riding or running.

Beginners HIIT

Beginners should follow this HIIT program for best and safest results

beginners HIIT

Advanced HIIT

Advanced HIIT ers can follow the below program. As always, contact Infofit for any questions you may have about your program or for our help with your fitness goals.

advanced HIIT


Podcast - Use to HIIT To Enhance Your Performance

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