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BCRPA Certification from Infofit

ACE Certification from the BEST school in the Personal Trainer Education Marketplace — Infofit.

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ACE Certification

1 – Fitness Theory

This course focuses on foundational knowledge: basic anatomy, exercise physiology, exercise analysis and safety, as well as principles for cardiovascular conditioning, strength and flexibility. Students learn how to assess a person’s heart disease risk profile, use correct exercise terminology and apply scientific principles of conditioning to modify personal workouts.

2 – Weight Training

In this course students will learn how to perform an initial consultation, assess a client’s heart disease risk profile, develop a basic fitness program; teach safe and effective exercises and stretches and perform a post-workout consultation. This course is is a prerequisite for Step 3, Personal Trainer Comprehensive.

3 – Personal Training

Personal Training Comprehensive is the final required course. Students learn standard fitness legal terminology and documentation; health screening methods and risk stratification analysis; fitness testing and data interpretation; advanced exercise analysis and program design; dysfunctional exercise movement patterns and effective back care exercises.

4 – Optional Courses

Weight Training 101 and Infofit’s Apprenticeship I and Apprenticeship II training courses are optional courses that provide a stronger foundation on which to build your personal training career.

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