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Tips for Achieving Your New Year's Resolutions from the Infofit Team

How to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions!

New Year’s ResolutionsOne thing that I have learned from my experience as a personal trainer is that there is always room for personal development.

Many people operate under the assumption that there exists a point in which development and/or improvement is no longer necessary—you have ‘maxed out’ on your goals, so to speak. You lose the 50 pounds. You write the novel. You marry the person of your dreams. What else needs to be done? You imagine that once you’ve achieved that thing, that terminal dream state, you will be able to just relax.

But, nope! One beautiful, and oftentimes frustrating, characteristic of humans is that we need always something to strive towards.

Most Common New Year’s Resolutions Are Fitness and Health-Related

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is fitness and health-related–in one poll, 45% of resolution-makers said that they would like to “lose weight or get in shape”. According to a Forbes article, only 8% will achieve their resolutions. Many experts—researchers, psychologists, educators, fitness professionals, etc—have dedicated their careers to pinpointing the integral difference between the person who will succeed in achieving their New Year’s resolutions, and the person who will fail (for a detailed process in developing smart and achievable New Year’s resolutions, you can check out my most recent article here!)

Personal Trainers are Experts in the Business of Goals

Like no other profession, personal trainers are experts in the business of goals; it is our trade and, in the case of the elite Infofit personal trainers, it is our passion. Throughout our careers, we have witnessed many give up on their goals–and many others achieve incredible success.

So, armed with this invaluable knowledge garnered through years of experience, how do personal trainers approach New Year’s resolutions? I asked some of the elite personals of the Infofit team about their personal goals for 2018 and how they achieve success in both their personal lives, and in the lives of their clients.

Start Slow

Kimberley, a personal trainer and coordinator with Infofit, always sets New Year’s resolutions for herself, and encourages others to do so as well; as she states, any opportunity that we get to stop and “reflect on ways to promote a better self–mind, body and spirit it–is a positive thing”. So, how does she guarantee success in her own resolutions, and in the resolutions of her clients? “Start slow,” she states. “The kind of New Year’s resolutions that are most effective are the ones that are sustainable”. She notes that at the beginning, many individuals will attack their fitness goals with supernatural intensity and motivation. They’ll go hard at at the gym, six to seven days a week—and which all-too-frequently will lead to burnout and a dramatic drop in motivation. “Start with 1-2 days per week of moderate intensity and build from there.”

Oftentimes, burnout will lead people to interpret their sudden loss of energy and motivation as indicative of a lack of willpower or stamina. The trick is to not set yourself up for disappointment in the first place! Set goals for yourself that are achievable and challenging–but not too challenging; when you inevitably achieve your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll be buoyed by your own success, which will give you the renewed energy and motivation required to attack the next phase or goal!

Reward yourself

Stan is an experienced fitness professional with many years of personal training under his belt; while he doesn’t typically set New Year’s resolutions for himself, he does follow a few simple and effective principles when it comes to goal-setting; like Kimberley, he makes sure to set goals that are attainable. He will also reward himself once his goals are achieved. And he finds these principles to be effective with his clients too, making sure to “tailor each client’s goals to their situations to ensure [success]”.

Ask yourself if your goal really matters

Why are you pursuing your goal? What does it mean to you? New Year’s is a popular time for resolutions because it allows the time to reflect on the year that just passed, and to manifest for yourself a vision for the year ahead. Many people, however, will make a New Year’s resolution because they feel like they should—even if they lack the necessary drive, energy, resources, or interest to put their goal into action.

This may require some soul-searching; examine closely the reasons for your goal. If your goal really matters to you, is something that you’ve been wanting for a long time, and you feel would be of massive benefit in either your life or the life of others, then your chances of success will be much greater than if you approached your goal with only mild interest or half-hearted desire. Write down your reasons for pursuing your goal. Remind yourself constantly of its significance to keep it always in the forefront of your mind.

Prioritize your New Year’s Resolutions goal

I would also remind you that you deserve to pursue whatever goals are most important to you; if you have a hard time justifying money and/or time spent on a gym membership, or a nutrition counselling session, or if you feel guilty for leaving the kids with a babysitter so you can go see your personal trainer: remember that you deserve to live your most optimal, most satisfying life, and that, in the long run, your happiness can only increase the happiness of those around you. Honestly, you’re doing the world a favour. So, lace up your runners, get out there, and kick 2018’s butt!

Wishing you all the best with your New Year’s Resolutions and your journey to optimum health!

Written by Theresa Faulder, Master’s in English, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, and Infofit fitness blog writer.

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