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Andre Noel Potvin: BCRPA Educator of the Year

BCRPA Educator of the Year

From past to present, establishing his place in the personal training industry is Mr. Andre Noel Potvin, Infofit’s founder and principal. He has been awarded the 2012 BCRPA Educator of the Year. Adding yet another commendation to an exemplary record. André’s 28 years of experience have touched an untold number of lives, especially after following the clinical exercise and post-injury rehabilitation career track. André also won the BCRPA Program Director of the Year Award in 2008.

André Noel Potvin also awarded BCRPA Program Director of the Year 

andre noel potvinHis history includes presiding as managing partner over EnerChanges Medical, Health, Anti-Aging, and Fitness Clinic in Vancouver and serving four years on the teaching faculty of the School of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia, both of which increased his skill sets and abilities over the years and gave him a firm footing for cultivating future generations of personal trainers.

Leaders who have exhibited exceptional contributions to the community

The BCRPA Registration has been a prominent part of André’s ongoing education and activities as he became a BCRPA educator of Fitness Leaders and inspirational keynote speaker. He has even obtained the NSCA, ACE, and ACSM certifications as well, ever eager to expand his abilities.

More recently, André Noel Potvin has been declared a 2012 BCRPA Educator of the Year. This fitness leadership awards recognizes BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders who have exhibited exceptional contributions to the community and their field, influencing the active and under-active to commit to a physically wholesome lifestyle in British Columbia.

This award features four primary criteria: demonstrating a commitment to personal learning, creating innovative teaching strategies to maximize learning, leadership within the fitness education community, and making a significant contribution to the credibility and promotion of British Columbia fitness leadership. 

His effective personal trainer mentoring and staff-related motivational methods, developing unique programs that encouraged the community to be physically fit, and playing a significant role in fitness industry events and programs.

Andre Noel Potvin has a bright future

Andre Noel Potvin has a bright future as both a personal training leader and role model, and there is little doubt that this “fitness star” will continue his quest to bring a healthy lifestyle across Canada and the world for years to come.

Potvin demonstrates exceptional leadership

BCRPA Chief Executive Officer Suzanne Allard Strutt says Potvin demonstrates exceptional leadership within the fitness education community with his innovative teaching techniques. “André has implemented teaching strategies such as ‘FUNtastic Voyage,’ ‘Say-it, Teach-it, Do-it,’ and ‘Simon Says’ that keep students engaged and present information to them in multiple ways that help foster better retention. He is truly a passionate and conscientious teacher who works hard to give his students the knowledge, training and resources necessary to become outstanding fitness professionals.”


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