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BCRPA Certification

BCRPA Certification Steps

BCRPA CertificationPHASE 1

Step 1

  • Complete Infofit’s Fitness Theory Course
  • Write & pass BCRPA fitness theory exam $110
  • Complete basic CPR first aid course (8 hours)
  • Submit copies of Fitness Theory passing exam grade, CPR first aid, and $99 registration fee to BCRPA.
  • Receive 120 days of Insurance coverage to safely work with clientele and prepare for BCRPA ICE exam

Step 2

  • Complete Infofit’s  Personal Training Basics (Weight Training Course)
  • Complete BCRPA Weight Training Course Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE)

Congratulations, you are now a Registered BCRPA Weight Room On-Floor Service Instructor!


You must complete 12 beginner-level programs for clients before you start the Personal training course.


  • Complete Infofit’s Personal Trainer Course
  • Pass BCRPA’s Personal Trainer’s Theory Exam
  • Pass BCRPA’s Personal Trainer’s Practical Skills Examination (PFT ICE)

Congratulations, you are now a Provincially Registered BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer!

BCRPA Exams (4 Exams and 1 Registration)

Course/Exam/RegistrationFormatTime to CompleteCosts
Fitness Theory60 Multiple Choice Questions60 Minutes$110.00
Fitness Leader RegistrationCompletion of CPR & First Aid, prior to Registeringn/a$99.00
WT ICE ExamTake home written exam to include program design scenarios and verbal assessment120 Minute evaluation demonstrating exercises, stretches and teaching skills$100.00
Personal Training60 Multiple Choice Questions,
15 match-up Questions and 1 Case Study
180 Minutes$85.00
PT ICE ExamTake home written exam to include program design scenarios, business aspect design (Create client file, sample marketing material)120 Minute evaluation demonstrating teaching skills for exercises, stretches and assessment protocols$100.00