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Calorie Burn Chart

Ever Wondered How Many Calories You’ve Burned

Wondering how many calories you’ve burned while working out? How about the amount of calories for everyday tasks like cutting the grass or dancing? Well look no longer, these charts did the math for the calorie-burn for the following activities have been calculated based on your weight.

Our metabolism is the key to burning fat. To lose weight we need to increase our total calorie burn. You can make weight loss quicker and easier by increasing your metabolic rate and burning more calories.

Spot Reduction is a Myth

Spot reduction is a myth. It’s the belief that specific exercises like ab crunches, will reduce certain areas of the body like the waist. For weight loss, our bodies need to burn more calories than you consume and your fat cells get smaller. Check out what exercise burns the most calories by looking at the burning calories charts below:

Calorie Burn

Calorie Burn

calorie-burn for the following activities


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