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7 Nutritional Lies of the 21st Century

Nutritional Lies of so called “healthy foods”

Nutritional LiesPresented by sports nutrition expert Dr. Cory Holly, author and Silver Medalist INBA Natural Olympia. Dr Holly exposes the conspiracy against our health through the foods we eat. Discover why so many of us today are sick and struggling with obesity, auto-immune diseases, unexplained illness, infection and premature death.

Sick and Struggling with Obesity?

Listen and learn about the many so called “healthy foods” that:

  • Cause more damage and do the opposite to what is advertised
  • Cause your blood cells to clump-up and interfere with circulation
  • Create an anticipated addiction that weakens the immune system
  • Actually increase free radical pathways that lead to cancer
  • Rob the body of life-giving energy and propagate internal disease
  • Cause depression, anxiety, increase your need for medical attention
  • And More Nutritional Lies…

Presented By: Dr. Cory Holly


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