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Alarming Trends in Women’s Health

Women Currently Facing More Health Struggles

women's healthDid you know that recent research in the study of women’s health is raising the alarm for 2016.  Women are facing more health struggles than ever before.

Learn The Most Alarming Women’s Health Issues in 2016

Join Dr. Seema Kanwal for this powerful lecture as she outlines the most alarming health issues for women in 2016 and what can be done about it.  Learn how chemicals in our environment, food and water are disrupting women’s hormonal system leading to increased toxicity, weight gain and disease.  Learn how these chemical toxins are affecting newborns.  Learn how conventional medicine is struggling to deal with the side effects of the medications designed to fix these problems.

What You Can Do

Finally, learn what you can do to prevent and treat these health conditions.  Leave with the knowledge that will empower you and help you live healthier and happier life.


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