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Are You Fit For Love?

A Health and Fitness Plan That Will Get You “Fit for Love!”

fit for loveAccording to the experts, lovemaking is an integral part of a happy and healthy relationship. However, with the demands of life today, many people are too tired or stressed to find the time and energy for intimacy with their partner. And they are not fit for love! But it doesn’t have to be that way!

During this entertaining fit for love lecture, Andre will outline his methods for using exercise to improve the areas of endurance, flexibility and strength. He will also explore the role that hormones play in performance and sex drive and what you can do to take charge.

Many Factors Affect Sexual Performance

There are many factors that affect sexual performance and intimacy including energy levels, mood and overall health; and this lecture addresses them all!!!

During the month dedicated to love, join Andre as he shares his health and fitness plan that will get you “Fit for Love!”

Presented By: Andre Noel Potvin, MSc, BCRPA TFL, ACSM CPT

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