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Learn How to Become A Competitive Athlete in Figure, Fitness, Bikini or Men’s Physique Webinar

Learn the First Steps to You On Getting to Stage!

bodybuilder man and woman fitness competitionHave you ever admired those who boldly step up & become Competitive Athletes in Figure, Fitness, Bikini or Men’s Physique?

Have you sat back idly and watched others make the decision and follow through on their journey to stage in the exciting Sport of Bodybuilding in these categories

If you dream of competing onstage or maybe you just want to look like a competitor or you’re training for a special occasion or you want to look your best and just don’t know where to begin or you’re ready to try a different approach to your training then this webinar is for you!


  • The Difference in Federations – which one to choose
  • The different posing styles required
  • The difference between Figure, Fitness, Bikini or Men’s Physique
  • Where to begin
  • And much more

Watch this webinar and learn the steps you need to take to GET on STAGE from a girl that has helped her clients be successful when they get to stage.

Presented by Kim Merke, Competitor, Posing Coach, Personal Trainer

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