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Certified Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition Certification

sports nutrition educationThis innovative fitness nutrition certificate program integrates the knowledge and expertise of both Infofit and the Cory Holly Institute (CHI), offering certification that is internationally recognized and respected.

The CSNA Education Program addresses all requirements necessary to understand and teach sports nutrition as an art and a science. Student research, reading, study and exam time is reinforced with outstanding audio and video tutorials. Get ready for the most comprehensive, complete and original study program available in sports nutrition today!

Consisting of ten instructive online learning modules that took more than a decade to research and develop, this comprehensive distance learning education program certifies each student as a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA).

Each module is approximately 20 hours of study and 20 BCRPA CEC’s per module.

Designed for personal trainers, health food store retailers, sales reps, nutrition advisors, nurses, dieticians, health professionals, teachers, competitive athletes, coaches and anyone interested in learning more about holistic sports nutrition, fitness and human performance. The curriculum is comprehensive and practical and is considered by many experts as being at the cutting-edge of sports nutrition, research and counselling. Program data is continually evaluated and updated to ensure that students are getting the most current and relevant information available!

The Sports Nutrition program consists of 10 Modules:

  • Module One: Human Anatomy
  • Module Two: Energy and Cellular Metabolism
  • Module Three: The Primary Building Blocks
  • Module Four: Dietary Supplements
  • Module Five: Body Typing and Individual Assessment
  • Module Six: Training and Exercise Philosophy
  • Module Seven: Achieving Your Ideal Bodyweight
  • Module Eight: Performance Enhancing Drugs
  • Module Nine: Training Injuries: Natural Treatment
  • Module Ten: Screening and Diagnostic Tools

A certificate is awarded at the completion of the CSNA

Tuition is tax deductible

This program will undoubtedly connect each student to the most updated and sophisticated leading edge information science has to offer in sports nutrition, anti-aging, health & fitness.

Please Note: In addition to course tuition a monthly student membership fee of $19.99 USD payable to the Cory Holly Institute is required until the course is completed to cover student administration and final certification exam.

For more information visit Cory Holly  and for FAQ’s regarding this course please click here >> FAQ’s

Pre Requisites

  • Access to a computer
  • Able to read English


Students will be assessed after each module. There are 20 open book self test online questions. There is no time line to start or complete the CSNA, you can study at your own pace.

Graduation Requirements

The final exam is called a final dissertation. The final dissertation is completed after the student has studied and completed all 10 Modules. This is the final exam prior to graduation and is emailed to the student after a consultation with Dr. Holly. The results of a personal fitness assessment must also be submitted by each student to graduate. The fitness assessment is for the students knowledge, not to see how fit they are. It is important to understand how the body works it helps to see what your body needs to work on.

Please note, the CSNA program is non-refundable

• The CSNA program is an online program, course material will have been sent via email, and students have online access to the program, therefore, the program is non-refundable
• There is no time limit to complete the entire CSNA Education Program, however you must be an active CHI Student Member to complete the course and graduate. If student fees are not maintained on a monthly or annual basis, the student forfeits their CSNA tuition and ability to complete the program. Completion of the entire program, including study modules, tutorials, exams and dissertation is equivalent to 500 hours of student research, study and examination time.

Everything you need to complete the course is included in your tuition. CSNA students who are active student members are entitled to a one hour complimentary telephone consultation with Dr. Holly once per month until graduation.

The CSNA Education Program (including all ten modules) is continuously updated on a daily basis to reflect change, progress and new research discovery in nutrition and exercise science. Upon request CHI can provide Canadian students with a T2202A Tuition Education Certificate for Personal Income Tax purposes.


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Prefer to take this course online with online lessons?

The Certified Sports Performance and Fitness Nutrition Specialist program is offered online, students can start anytime.

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