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Client Drop-out Prevention Strategies

Maximize Your Clients’ Motivation and Exercise Adherence – ACE and BCRPA approved Workshop

Client Drop-out Prevention StrategiesDid you know that 80% of new and returning clients quit within the first 6-months of training? Did you also know that this is totally preventable?  Join Andre Noel Potvin as he outlines the key reasons for this high drop-out rate and how you can prevent it from happening. 

Practice Advanced Teaching Techniques

In this workshop, you will learn your client’s development level of competence and commitment and then choose the most appropriate prevention strategy to maximize motivation and exercise adherence.  You will also get to practice advanced teaching techniques that ensure your client feels motivated and confident in his or her ability to successfully perform your workout program – and stay committed.  Finally, you will be able to identify primary and secondary factors influencing your client’s progress and implement a “drop-out” prevention strategy.


Saturday April 28th, 2pm – 5pm

Infofit Education Centre 105-1687 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC