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Dynamic Release Theory & Application Workshop

Presented By: Kerri Blackburn cPT, BKIN, RMT, Practicing Kinesiologist



Dynamic Release Theory & Application Workshop

In this podcast, presented by Kerri Blackburn, you will learn what is dynamic release and how you can apply this technique to your clients.

Dynamic Release is an effective approach to treating soft tissue injuries and the pain that results from the injury.  Dynamic Release is a manual, hands-on therapy designed specifically to find scars in damaged tissue and release the adhesions that result. You will learn to identify underlying principles of active vs passive stretching on a fibre level.

Kerri will define the difference between the massage therapists scope of practice compared to personal trainer’s scope of practice. You will be clear what is within your scope of practice.

Get the most for your clients and attend this interactive Workshop!

You will learn the steps to performing dynamic release in this podcast. Learn to identify the clients this therapy is effective with.

Kerri will help you to recognize the accommodations/alterations that you may need to do with specific clients. She will provide real life case studies of clients so you can see the actual results and application of dynamic release.

By the end of this podcast, you will have gained insight in how to release muscle tension to promote optimal movement for your clients.

About Kerri Blackburn

Kerri Blackburn, BKIN, RMT graduated from the University of British Columbia with an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences (2014). She also attended the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, completing the program in 2016. She is a BCAK certified Kinesiologist, affiliated with the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance.

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