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Eating Smart – Tips and Strategies for a Busy Lifestyle

Tips and Strategies For Eating Smart

eating smartEveryone knows they need to eat well for better health and improved performance; however with our busy lives, eating smart can be a real challenge.  Well, NOT ANYMORE!

Join Tiffany and Erika Brown, the Founders of Fitness Foods and experts in healthy eating and busy lifestyles. They will provide you with tips and strategies for eating smart. Eating clean is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle!

What Proper Nutrition Really Means

During this informative lecture our experts from Fitness Foods will discuss:

  • Why eat Organic
  • Grass Fed vs Grain Fed
  • Free Range vs Factory Raised
  • Portion and plate sizes
  • The best foods for sustained energy
  • Beauty from the inside out
  • What is Paleo?
  • Planning for Success

And much more…

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!

Presented by:  Tiffany and Erika Brown, founders of Fitness Foods

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