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Finding Motivation & Creating Consistency

Finding Motivation and Creating Consistency is Key to Lasting Results

Fitness MotivationMotivation can be hard to keep when it comes to physical work like exercise; especially if it puts you out of your comfort zone. There are many different reasons why people don’t stick with their exercise routines but the end results is always the same… They don’t achieve their fitness goals!

Any fitness professional will agree that finding motivation and creating consistency is the key to achieving lasting results… However that is often easier said than done!

Learn what you need to succeed!

Andre Noel Potvin, President of Infofit and a successful fitness trainer with several years of experience in creating motivation and consistency with his students and clients, has answers for you! It could be just what you need to succeed.

Presented By: Andre Noel Potvin, MSc, BCRPA TFL, ACSM CPT


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