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F.I.R.E Self Defense Workshop

Empower Yourself

Self defense 500x333With the growing number of female assault cases in the Greater Vancouver area and the fact that 95% of these cases go unreported is staggering.  All women will benefit from learning valuable life changing self defense skills. The F.I.R.E. or “NO MEANS NO” system is one of the worlds best Self Defense and Self Empowering program for females. It teaches women how to stay safe in any aspect of life.

This program was created with the mindset that any female regardless of their physical shape or size can use the techniques of this system to protect herself in any situation.

Protect yourself

All tactics developed in the F.I.R.E. or “NO MEANS NO” program is based on female’s natural reaction.   Here, females learn how to control and use their emotions and intuitive instincts in order to protect themselves.  You will learn how awareness and prevention will reduce the risk of being attacked. Empowerment comes from learning physical techniques that can handle the most serious attacks.

This system of self defense relies on survival instinct.  Disengaging and going home safe is priority. This workshop will teach females to use their body to protect themselves and they will learn skills and techniques that will help them to disengage in an assault scenario as quickly as possible.  They will learn how to handle assault situations such as wrist grabs, hair pulls, front and back chokes and how to handle a ground attack.

You will learn:

  •        5 Safety Tips
  •        Coopers Code
  •        Awareness Drills
  •        Sensory Drills
  •        Striking Skills – Jabs, Punch, Elbows, Open Palm Strikes, Kicks and more

Stay Safe

Knowing and learning how to stay safe should be the priority of our future female generation.  Having the tools and skill set that will help accomplish this is paramount!

Spaces are limited so don’t miss out!

Date: Saturday February 15th, 2020

Time: 10am-12pm

Cost: $85

Location: 105-1687 West Broadway, Vancouver BC V6J 1X2

Workshop Presenter:

Jennifer Bajus is a Krav Maga Force Women’s Self Defense Instructor and has her Level 2 Certification in Civilian training. She is also a Krav Maga Combat Fitness Instructor and Certified Personal Training. Jen’s passion and love of martial arts have taken her on the journey to finding a path where these skills can be utilized in a relevant and meaningful way. Hence her application of these skills have led her to become a women’s self defense instructor.

F.I.R.E Self Defense Workshop


Presenter: Jennifer Bajus

Date: February 15th, 2020

Time: 10am-12pm

Cost: $85

Location:105-1687 West Broadway , Vancouver BC V6J 1X2