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Think Differently About Movement. A Functional Meditation Lecture

In this one hour lecture via podcast you will learn from former BC Lion, Calgary Stampeder, and Chiropractor, Dr Jeff Almon, DC, CSCS. Dr Almon will teach you about the Ground Control functional meditation protocol. Dr Almon will explain how we can reprogram our brains to better process pain inputs in order to diminish chronic pain and re-establish proper motor control to affected areas. This reprogramming results in diminished pain and better movement patterns.

chronic pain functional meditation Think Differently About Movement

Movement starts in the brain.
Chronic Pain is often wrongly blamed on structure.

Dr Almon will explain the benefits for Personal Trainers to use Ground Control protocol with their injured clients

You will learn:

  1. How the brain can change itself: what is Neuroplasticity
  2. How the brain controls movement and pain perceptions: Neuroscience
  3. Infant movement patterns and development
  4. How they all link together into Ground Control class

Dr Almon explains all 6 positions of Ground Control and explains them in detail. You will learn the benefits of each position and what type of injuries/conditions they target.

By the end of this podcast lecture you will have a better understanding of the basic principles of neuroscience and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, as well as how the Ground Control exercise protocol works. Finally learn what type of patient issues/injuries this “functional mediation” can help with pain relief.

After listening you will have a greater awareness of how you can use Ground Control to relieve pain.


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