Functional Movement Coaching For Fitness Professionals

Functional Movement CourseThe 2-day Functional Movement Coaching (Primal Pattern Analysis) course is designed to improve the movement knowledge, coaching and evaluation skills of personal trainers and fitness instructors across the industry, and regardless of background. Our mission is to help coaches everywhere provide better results for their clients, improve the health of society, and raise the bar in our industry.

Effective movement is a key foundation for quality of life. Few people learn to move well, and even fewer learn to coach proper movement to others. This 16 hour course will transform the way you view movement, coach it, and move your own body!

This course content developed over 18 years of hiring/training staff in our own studios and as a master coach for many other fitness organizations (Twist Conditioning, Trigger Point, BOSU, LTS, ViPR, etc.).

Here’s What You Will Learn In the FMC1 (Primal Pattern Analysis) Course:

  • Detailed Analysis of the 7 Foundational Movement Patterns
  • Effective Breathing, Bracing, Posture, Alignment, Neural Activation
  • Client Movement Analysis Protocol (Detailed & Express)
  • Applications & Modifications for Private, Small, Large Groups
  • Program Design for movement vs muscle based coaching
  • Business applications with movement based coaching

The course has been very well received and taught to fitness professionals across North America.

Here are a few comments from participants:

“This course opened my eyes to so much I thought I already knew”

~ Robin B (Lethbridge)


“Great information on bracing and activation. I really did feel the benefits of making small changes.”

~ Susan H (Calgary)


“Tim knows his SH*T! The material was fabulous and extremely helpful.”

~ Mike K (Red Deer)

Functional Movement Coaching

2-Day Primal Pattern Analysis Course

WHEN: Dec 7-8, 2018

TIME: 8:30am – 5:00pm Saturday & Sunday

WHERE: Movement 108 1416 West 8th, Ave. Vancouver, BC