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The A to Z’s to Grow Your Business Online and Offline

Grow Your BusinessPresented By: Sarah Saffari, co owner CEOwned


The A to Z’s to Grow Your Business Online and Offline

Join us May 31st 6pm – 7pm for an online workshop hosted by Sarah Saffari of CEOwned, where she will teach you the step-by-step guide to getting high value clients online and offline.

For those of you who have begun the process of building your business, you know that building a clientele can be challenging at first. This workshop is designed to help you navigate through those challenges by breaking down the A-Z to attract more clients. This will be a no fluff workshop with actionable strategies to help drive you results.

In the workshop you will learn:

  1. How to price and package a signature Personal Training offer
  2. How to use personality marketing to leverage your voice in a crowded market
  3. How to sell authentically without sounding like an icky salesperson
  4. Life Design: How to build your business around your lifestyle, not your lifestyle around your business

If this resonates and you would like to attend, click the link to register for the workshop on Tuesday May 31st 6pm – 7pm.

This talk will also leave you with tools you can put into practice right away.

Register for this webinar $10

About Sarah Saffari

Sarah SaffariSarah Saffari is a fitness entrepreneur, business coach, and Health Scientist that has helped 5000+ professional men & women get their life and health back by executing the novel blueprint created at her first business, “The 3 step framework to optimal health & confidence.” Following her success across consumer clients, Sarah co-founded CEOnwed in 2019, a consultancy whose mission is to help online coaches grow and scale their business using the framework she used to grow and scale her own.  As an international CEO, Sarah travels across countries while managing hundreds of clients and a team of twelve abroad. In her easy-to-understand and compassionate style, she uses neuroscience principles to remove mental barriers and increase business results for her students and clients. Her techniques can be applied to any individual, of any background, in any location, and she is ready to share.

The A to Z’s to Grow Your Business Online and Offline


Presented By: Sarah Saffari
Date/Time: Tuesday May 31st 6pm – 7pm
Location: webinar
Registration Fee: $10 – 1 BCRPA or ACSM CEC