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Introduction to Kettlebell Sport Workshop

Description: Introduction to Kettlebell Sport

kettlebell workshop sport 2

Athlete Tricia Dong

This workshop introduces participants to the Kettlebell Sport. It illustrates all major lifts – swing, clean, jerk, and long cycle. It delivers a hands-on experience on the fundamental movements such as the swing, clean, rack position, and push press, including common mistakes and how to avoid them.  Participants will also learn the Kettlebell Sport competition rules and requirements.  This kettlebell workshop is perfect for group fitness instructors and personal trainers.

Kettlebell Workshop Objectives:

By the end of the kettlebell workshop students will have learned:
1.How to perform and teach the swing, the clean, the rack position, and the push press.
2. How to recognize and correct the most common mistakes in all movements.
3. How to use the 4 lifts in combination with other movements (suitable for bootcamps).
4. How to use the 4 lifts in order to transfer strength and strength endurance into other sports.
5. How to use the kettlebell for creating bone density, balance, and neuromuscular coordination in older athletes and clients.
6. How to use the kettlebell in HIIT (high intensity interval training)

Outline for this 3.25 hour Kettlebell workshop

15′ Introduction and History

10′ Kettlebell Swing illustrated

25′ Kettlebell Swing Practice

10′ Kettlebell rack position illustrated

20′ Kettlebell rack position Practice

10′ Kettlebell clean illustrated

15′ Break

20′ Kettlebell clean Practice

10′ Kettlebell push press illustrated

20′ Kettlebell push press Practice

10′ competition events, rules, and requirements explained

15′ Kettlebell Jerk, Long Cycle, and Snatch illustrated

15′ Questions and Answers

Kettlebell Worskshop Instructor: Trifon Marchovski:

  • World Kettlebell Club Certified Coach
  • Four years teaching experience from 2012 – to Present
  • Current National Canadian Champion in the 73kg category
  • Won Victoria Kettlebell Sport Classic from 2013 – till now
  • Won OKC International Vancouver Open from 2014 – till now
  • Won the World Kettlebell Lifting Championships Chicago 2013-2016 till now.

When: May 14, 2016 – 1pm-4:15pm

Where: Executive Lifestyles – 555 W 8th Ave #100, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1C6

BCRPA Approval of 3 CEC’s

This workshop is perfect for group fitness instructors and personal trainers.