Krav Maga Combat Fitness Instructor Certification Course

Krav Maga Force & Combat Fitness Instructor Course

Combat Fitness InstructorUsed by Military, Law Enforcement and civilians, Krav Maga Force is known for building agility, speed and stronger bodies. This Combat Fitness Instructor course is part of Krav Maga Force Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian Instructor Courses.

If you are a Personal Trainer you will find this Combat Fitness Instructor course extremely unique and extremely efficient for you and your clients. This course is also open to the general public, so you do not need to be a fitness professional or personal trainer to register.

Approved for Continuing Education Credits:

Krav Maga Force’s Combat Fitness Instructor course is a full 16-hour Certification Course approved for:

  • 4 CEC’s from ACE
  • 4 CEC’s from Canfitpro
  • 14 CEC’s from BCRPA
  • 50% OFF ($625 Value) from Krav Maga Force towards KMF CIC Level 1 Instructor Course.

What’s In For You And Your Clients?

Even if your clients are only interested in fitness, this unique fighting training program brings a fresh experience to the total body workout. Your students/clients will get fit faster and they will leave each class safer and with a higher level of confidence. Their Speed, Coordination and Agility will increase over night!

Do you want to help your clients reach their fitness goals and learn a necessary life skill in the same time?

Do you want to empower people with skills & confidence along with fitness? Then this certification is for you.

After These 2 Full Days of Combat Fitness Instructor Course You Will:

  • Boost Your Teaching and Self-Defense Skills
  • Bring Out The Inner Warrior in your Clients
  • Gain a new set of innovative Drills and Routines
  • Experience an extreme amount of personal growth mentally and physically
  • Have the opportunity to change the lives of people you train by teaching them to fight back if necessary

This Course Includes:

  • Safety in Training – Theory
  • Fitness vs Combat Fitness – Theory
  • Understanding Fighting – Theory
  • Combat Fitness Warm ups
  • Stances and movement (Standing and on the Ground)
  • Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA and Krav Maga Combatives
  • Striking Combinations Drills
  • Bags, Shields and Pads Routines
  • Blocks and Adrenaline Drills
  • Attack Scenarios and much more…

Course Cost

Be sure to use this special INFOFIT registration to receive a $50 discount off the course cost

What You Will Need For The Combat Fitness Instructor Course:

  • MMA or/and Boxing Gloves 12oz, 14oz, or 16oz (NO bag workout or karate type gloves).
  • Hand wraps (optional).
  • Indoor or mat shoes (NO outside shoes will be permitted).
  • Athletic pants or capris.
  • 2 extra clean t-shirts/day
  • Notebook and 2 -3 pens.
  • NO jewelry.
  • NO long fingernails.
  • All long hair must be tied back.
  • Bring lots of water and electrolytes.
  • Bring lunch and enough snacks to last you all day.

 PLEASE arrive for training at least 15 minutes before the class start time each day.


This is a stand-alone course, but also the first half of the full Krav Maga Force Level 1 Instructor Certification So, when you have completed both modules, you will have the ability to offer FULL Krav Maga Force training in your gym or home town.

CEC's: ACE 1.4. BCRPA 14, CanFit Pro 4.0

Combat Fitness Instructor Course. Choose your date and location. INFOFIT special rate $299.00