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Legal Lessons For Your Fitness and Wellness Business

Presented By: Cory Sterling, Corporate Lawyer, Founder of Yoga Law & Conscious Counsel


Legal Lessons For Your Fitness and Wellness Business

Legal Lessons For Your Fitness Business

Learn how to use the law as a tool to grow your business instead of something to sweep under the rug!

Cory Sterling, a lawyer and entrepreneur, will teach you how the law applies to fitness professionals in a fun and super practical approach. His firm, Conscious Counsel, provides legal services in a unique and innovative way focused around understanding the law and using it as a tool to grow business.

Learn the Major Legal Issues Entrepreneurs in Health and Wellness Need to Know

Cory will discuss the major legal issues that entrepreneurs in health and wellness need to be aware of. The goal is to empower entrepreneurs with the information and tools to professionalize and grow their businesses.

Some of the questions we’ll answer are:

  • When should I incorporate?
  • What is liability and how does it affect my business?
  • Are my staff independent contractors or employees and why does it matter?
  • Why is it important to have agreements that reflect my brand?
  • What is a trademark and why do I need it?
  • How can I use licensing to generate passive income?

Leave with a greater awareness of the legal lessons you need to know and STOP BEING AFRAID OF THE LAW.

About Cory Sterling:

Cory Sterling is a business lawyer and the founder of Fitness Law, Yoga Law and Conscious Counsel. His practices’ home base is Vancouver, BC. Cory’s unique approach to serving and educating clients is unprecedented in the sense that everyone has FUN every time Cory explains the law. @consciouscounsel


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