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How to Market your Personal Training Business

Personal Training businessLearn how to retain clients long term

Make your Personal Training Business stand out in today’s market place. During this workshop you will learn how to market your business through the use of social media, content calendars, videos, and develop a strategy around your personal brand that will retain clients long term, make your business stand apart form your competitors and generate new business.

Differentiate yourself

Are you looking for ways to stand apart from your competition and gain new clients?

With the rise of technology in the market place are you looking for ways to engage with your clients online and build your business?

If so, this four hour workshop is for you!

Workshop objectives:

  • How to create a content calendar
  • How to create compelling content and videos that people will share, like and comment on
  • How to build your personal brand and the importance of branding
  • Tools and strategies on how to engage with your clients online

Marketing defines brands, so do it right!

Presented by Samia Massoud – Samia has worked in the marketing industry at a director level for more than a decade. With her Masters of Science in Marketing from the University of Liverpool in England Samia has dedicated hours of research on the buying behavior and the power of social media, marketing and digital strategy and how it can be applied in today’s market place.

Samia’s has worked in the fitness industry as a Zumba, Group Fitness and Salsa instructor for years and knows what it means to work for gyms such as Steve Nash/Fitness World as well as understands the importance of generating clients for independent facilities and community centres.

CEC's: BCRPA 3.5, ACSM 3.5

2019 - date to follow

Time: 12pm – 330pm

Course location: Infofit Education Centre 105 – 1687 West Broadway, Vancouver