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Obesity Cancer Link : The Latest Research

 Obesity and Cancer Link

obesity and cancerDid you know the World Cancer Research Fund recently released a report linking obesity to cancer? It’s true. Excess body weight may increase your cancer risk.

There is an obesity and cancer link!

The research group assembled 21 world-renowned experts to systematically collect and evaluate the scientific literature in regard to 17 cancer sites, cancer survivorship and other chronic diseases. It was a process that took five years and has given the world “food for thought”.

Learn How to Reduce Your Risk

Join Andre Noel Potvin as he explains, in learner-friendly terms, this latest obesity cancer research and how to reduce your risk for cancer. Learn what are the possible reasons for this. Take this very important information to your friends, family and clients.

Presented By: Andre Noel Potvin, MSc, BCRPA TFL, ACSM

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