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The Top 6 Health Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

Plant Based DietPresented By: Sara Abtahi, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, BSc, CNP

Date/Time: Wednesday April 17th,  7pm – 8pm

Location:  webinar  

Registration Fee: Free to listen, if you want CEC $10


The Health Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

 Learn How To Go Vegetarian!

Vegetarians have a fraction of the heart attack rate of meat-eaters and have a 60 percent lower cancer rate. On average, vegetarians and vegans outlive meat eaters by about six years.

With the increased popularity of plant based diets, maybe it’s time to learn how to go Vegetarian! Join us for an informative webinar and learn the benefits of a plant based (vegetarian diet).

Vegetarian diets can vary greatly in what you can include and exclude. Sara Abtahi, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, will explain the various types of vegetarian diets and the pros and cons of each.

During the one-hour lecture you will learn:

  • The health benefits of being a Vegetarian
  • Planning a healthy Vegetarian Diet
  • What nutrient deficiencies can be seen in vegetarians that do not follow a balance meal
  • The effectiveness of plant based diet and the New Canada Food Guide
  • How being Vegetarian can help environment

A well planned plant based diet can be easy, healthy and very delicious!

Do not miss this very valuable lecture and learn how a plant based diet can have a dramatic positive impact on your health and the environment – what is good for you is also good for the planet!

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The Top 6 Health Benefits of a Plant Based Diet Webinar

Wednesday April 17th, 7pm – 8pm

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