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Strength, Speed and Power Performance

sports performancePresented By: Chris Hughes, MExSc (S&C), BA, ASCA, DipFit


Strength, Speed and Power Performance

The Interaction of Bio-Motor Abilities and Aspects of Sport Performance

Is it your training dream to work with athletes? Could you and your clients benefit from building more specific, individual programs?

One of the things I’ve learned in the past 15 years of training athletes and the general public is that we’re NEVER STRONG ENOUGH!

Do you want to take your career to the next level and explore the exciting world of Strength, Speed and Power Performance?

Join Chris Hughes, Strength and Conditioning Coach in this webinar designed to provide an insight and an advantage in athlete training. Explore the factors contributing to the development of foundational strength and learn how to exploit speed and power for optimal sport performance.

Examine physiological contributions to acceleration, force development and differences between elite and sub-elite athletes, across various sports. Inspect current literature with respect to optimal loading parameters, testing and most importantly, training for best results for you and your clients.

Topics Covered

Maximal strength

  • physiological factors such as muscle fibre type, hypertrophy, motor unit recruitment, synchronization
  • sport comparisons
  • training for strength

Maximal speed

  • acceleration/deceleration
  • physiological factors
  • training for speed

Maximal power

  • force velocity relationship
  • rate of force development
  • optimal loading
  • training for power

An investigation into the research

  • testing
  • training for optimal results
  • client specificity

About Chris Hughes, MExSc (S&C), BA, ASCA, DipFit

Chris has worked in the fitness industry since 2006 and has been a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach since 2011. Most recently, Chris taught Sport Science at Swinburne University for two years and fitness qualifications at the vocational level for the past 8 years in both Australia and Canada. Chris has developed and presented several qualification courses such as, Olympic Lifting and Speed and Power. He has also written and developed numerous units for fitness certifications including, Youth Resistance Training, Long-Term Athlete Development, Talent Identification and Injury Management. Chris holds multiple Personal Trainer certifications.

Strength, Speed and Power Performance Webinar


Presented By: Chris Hughes, MExSc (S&C), BA, ASCA, DipFit