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Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification

Pre & Postnatal FitnessInfofit has proudly teamed up with Melanie Osmack of Fit 4 Two® to offer the Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification. Melanie Osmack, is the founder of Fit 4 Two® and has taught pre and postnatal fitness classes in her community since 2003.  A certified Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist, she has designed a curriculum that is powerful in both information and in practical applications. Students can expect the latest guidelines and research as well as practical tips from an instructor who has the honour of working with new moms and moms-to-be on a daily basis.

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification

Pre- and Post-Natal Certification Home Study Distance Education

This Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist (PPFS) Certification Program prepares certified fitness instructors (land and aquatic) and personal trainers to work with this specialized population.  This 16-hour course is taken by home study/distance education.

What you will Learn:
•    Prenatal/Postnatal anatomy & physiology
•    Current prenatal & postnatal fitness guidelines
•    How to choose safe and effective strength training exercises for pre and postnatal women
•    How to choose safe and effective core exercises for pre and postnatal women
•    How to design a successful pre/post natal fitness classes
•    How to design a successful pre/postnatal personal training programs

Step One: Read Current Fit 4 Two® Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification Course Manual (sent by email)
Step Two: Successfully complete (80%+)  six related assignments
Step Three: Successfully complete (80%+) the Fit 4 Two® Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification exam (closed book).  This exam can be with an approved proctor in your own community.  Please note that any expenses related to a local proctor are the responsibility of the student.

IMPORTANT: If you are taking this course for knowledge or Continuing Education Credits and do not need a certification, you do not need to take the exam.  Please note that most insurance companies require a certification.

Fit 4 Two® requires proof of certification as either a group fitness (land or water) instructor or personal trainer.

CEC's: BCRPA 16, CMT 14, AFLCA 14, MFC 12, SPRA 12


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take the PPFS course?

Anyone who has a sincere interest in the subject matter is welcome.  Although the focus is on fitness and yoga, a variety of health & wellness providers (registered massage therapists, physiotherapists, pilates instructors etc) attend the course for continuing education.

Who can be certified as a PPFS?

We require proof of a certification or degree in a field that permits you to teach fitness, aqua fitness, yoga or Pilates, or that allows you to do personal training.

What counts as a ‘base fitness certification’? 

We accept the following as a base fitness certification: NFLA (I.E. BCRPA, AFLCA), CanFitPro, ACE, NASM, Infofit, ISSA, Canadian Online Fitness Education, CFES, Yoga Alliance, YogaFit, Stot Pilates, Basi Pilates, American College of Sports Medicine, Degree in Kinesiology or Degree in Physical Education.

If you hold a base certification that is not included in the list above, please send a copy of your scope of practice to [email protected] for approval.

How do I receive my materials?

When you register, you will receive two emails right away.  One is your receipt via Paypal.  The second includes a link to the course on Skyprep and a subscriber key for gaining access.  You can then view/download the manual and complete the online assignments.

I’m having trouble accessing the course on Skyprep. What should I do?

If you do not receive confirmation with instructions for accessing your course within 5 minutes of registering, please check your junk folder.  Be sure to add to your safe senders list so you do not miss future emails. If you cannot find this instruction email, please contact [email protected] and include the name of the course you registered for.

How long will it take to complete the assignments?

Past students tell us that if they sit down and do it all at once they can complete it in approximately 8 hours; if they do it in 2-4 hour chunks they complete it in 10-14 hours; if they pick away at it over a long stretch of time 12+ hours.

How long do I have to complete the assignments?

3 Months.

What happens if I do not get 80% on an assignment?

You get a second chance to complete each assignment in Skyprep.

Can I get an extension to complete the course?

We understand that life can get busy. If you need a 30-day extension to complete a course or workshop, please contact [email protected].

I have a baby/young children. Any suggestions?

You can do it!  You just need to schedule in non-negotiable time.  If you have young children, sit down with your partner/support person and work together to create a schedule you can both commit to.  That way there are no surprises and less conflicts.

The certificate I received after completing the course is only temporary. How do I get the official course certificate?

The certificate you receive automatically on Skyprep is not the official certificate and may only be used as proof of CECs. To receive the official PPFS certificate, you must complete the exam with a minimum of 80% and email a copy of your current base certification to [email protected].

How do I take the exam if I am doing the PPFS course by on-line?

You will have two options for writing your exam during COVID-19

  1. Book Fit 4 Two® proctor: Exams are proctored via Zoom Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:00pm for a reduced proctor fee of $20.  Contact uswith your preferred date and time.
  2. Have an adult family member proctor it for you:  Exams are done online so you will need access to a computer and the internet. Once you have agreed on a date, time and location for your exam with your proctor, you can submit your PPFS Exam Requestonline.  Please do not send request by email.  We need you to use the provided form.

What happens if I do not get 80% on the exam?

You can chose to re-write the alternate PPFS exam for a $40 re-write fee.

What is the PPFS exam pass/fail rate?

96% of our students pass the PPFS exam

How do I renew my certification?

Your Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification issued by Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal Fitness is valid for 1 year.  Fit 4 Two® will send you a reminder via email approx. 3 months, 1 month and 2 weeks before your certification expires.  It is your responsibility to complete the online renewal form on or before your expiration date.  To submit the form, you will be required to upload a current copy of your Group Fitness/Personal Trainer Registration and proof of 2 CECs related to pre and postnatal fitness. Please limit your uploads to 10 GB each. The current renewal fee is $21.00.

Why do I have to renew my PPFS?

Renewal ensures that all PPFS are continuing their education and therefore satisfies the requirements of most insurance policies.

How can I get the 2 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) required for renewal?

Renewal requires completing 2 CECs (Continuing Education Credits) related to pre or postnatal fitness. We offer many online workshops that fulfill this requirement. Attending a Fit 4 Two conference is also a good option to complete 2 CECs. We accept CECs from other conferences and workshop providers as long as 2 full hours related to pre or postnatal fitness are completed. If you are not sure if your CECs will count for our CEC requirement, please contact [email protected] with a description or link for your course.

What happens if I do not renew my PPFS certification on time?       

If your PPFS certification has been expired for less than 90 days, we can still renew your certification. IMPORTANT NOTE: During the time that your PPFS certification is expired, you are not a certified PPFS. This means that your insurance carrier will not cover you to work with pre and postnatal women during that time. If your PPFS certificate has been expired 91 days or more, we cannot renew your certification. Instead, you will need to reactivate your certification (see below).

How do I reactivate my certification if it has expired?

If your PPFS certification has been expired by 91 days or more, you can reactivate your certification by reading the most current version of the PPFS Course Manual and successfully completing our PPFS exam with 80% or more. There is a $99 reactivation fee that includes access to the current PPFS course materials online, the PPFS exam and your renewal fee. Click here for more information about the reactivation process and how to set up your exam.

How do I apply to teach with Fit 4 Two®?

We are looking for energetic instructors who are passionate about working with new moms and moms-to-be and can commit to two or more classes a week for at least 12 months.  To apply as a contract instructor, please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected] attention Melanie Osmack. .

After successfully completing the exam, what will my title be?

You will be a Certified Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist.  This is often shortened to PPFS. Only Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal Fitness Inc may use our registered tradename for business purposes.

What is your refund policy?

Registrants who give at least 2 weeks’ notice will be given the opportunity to take the course online.  Refunds are not available.