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Principles of Sports Nutrition (PSN)

Sports Nutrition Program

This Sports Nutrition Course, (Principles of Sports Nutrition PSN) will teach 110 fundamental sports nutrition principles essential to achieving and maintaining optimum health, performance and longevity.

sports nutrition principlesThis 24- hour online Sports Nutrition Course is perfect for fitness professionals, athletes, health food store retailers, supplement distributors, physical education teachers, coaches, massage therapists, health advisors, wellness consultants and other health care providers.  It is ideal for all individuals with an interest in anti-aging, dietary analysis, health and fitness management.

It will clarify many of the conflicting nutrition information that currently circulates the health and fitness industry.  The student will leave this course empowered with the most up-to-date knowledge to make and promote better food and supplement choices.

Learn how to prevent disease, stay well life-long and nourish your body!

The fitness nutrition program is designed to enhance student comprehension of sports nutrition, fitness and alternative health care for personal and professional application. The course will teach students how to prevent disease and stay well life-long and provide them with the information and knowledge required to physically condition, care for and nourish their own body.

Topics include:

  • Principles of Body Typing
  • The Art and Science of Sports Nutrition
  • The Purpose of a Personal Fitness Assessment
  • Muscle: The Health Engine of the Body
  • How Health Is Defined In Alternative Medicine
  • The Philosophy of Wellness as a Lifestyle Strategy
  • How Energy Is Transferred from Food to the Body
  • The Difference between Carbohydrates, Fats & Proteins
  • The Athlete’s Food Pyramid
  • The Role of Nutrition in Exercise and Sport
  • How to Use Dietary Supplements Effectively
  • How Natural Health Products Can Influence Health, Energy, Performance & Exercise Recovery
  • The Concept of Biochemical Individuality
  • Resistance Training and Functional Exercise
  • How Natural Whole Food Can Heal the Body and Work as a Natural Medicine
  • The Importance of pure Water, Juicing, Whole Foods, Clean Air, Natural Light, Exercise, Periodic Cleansing, Supplements and Sleep
  • Management of Weight and Body Composition
  • The Psychology of Drug Use and Abuse in Sports

Program Duration:

24 hours in length, split into twelve (12) 2-hour sessions. Students have access to the complete course, but we advise the learning to be done in 2 hour time blocks.


15-30 hours of homework in addition to the 24 hours of audio learning.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply the Art and Science of Sports Nutrition
  • Understand the Philosophy of Wellness as a Lifestyle Strategy
  • Utilize exercise for Weight & Body Composition management
  • Apply Exercise Psychology and Motivational Techniques for Health & Wellness adherence

Assessment Methods:

Students are required to complete a multiple choice exam at the beginning of Sessions 2-11. Exams are based on the lectures given online (Recipe For Health Book and selected audio tutorials). Each student is required to write a final online exam .(Session 12).

Final grade is based on completion and submission of eleven (11) student exams consisting of ten multiple choice and true/false questions and a final online exam.

  • Homework Exams 50% 110 points
  • Final Exam 50% 110 points
  • Students must complete all course requirements to receive a CHI Certificate of Graduation and credit for this course.


Students are expected to complete 100% of the course instructional hours in order to receive a certificate of completion.


  • Principles of Sports Nutrition Workbook
  • Encyclopedia of Sports Nutrition (Digital E-Book) by Dr Cory Holly, ND
  • Audio lectures presented by Dr Seema Kanwal
  • Audio lectures presented by Dr Cory Holly
  • Final exam

Also included with PSN Course is exclusive PSN student access to CHI audio tutorials and special expert interviews!

OnLine Nutrition Course

Course Prerequisites: English comprehension; computer skills
Tuition: $395.00
Instructor: Dr. Seema Kanwal, BSc, ND



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