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Learn How to Optimally Start and Run Your Personal Training Business Now!

A Complete Business Toolkit for Personal Trainers – Set Yourself up for Success

Better Training Makes Better Trainers!

To set yourself up for success as a trainer, its crucial to understand that you’re a business – and a business needs direction. This course will provide you just that: the tools to set the direction of where you want to go as a fitness trainer and the knowledge to be able to get there.

This course is a two-part series comprised of:

Part 1 How to Package Your Services

Part 2 How to Operate as a Personal Training Business

Each part will contain multiple videos addressing topics such as:

  • Part 1. Packaging Your Service
  • Choosing your style of training (General fitness, group classes, bodybuilding, rehab, pre-natal…)
  • What kind of client are you targeting?
  • Choosing where you will operate (online, in a gym…)
  • How much to charge your clients
  • Part 2. Operating as a Personal Training Business
  • How to optimally manage clients
  • Selecting the right software
  • Setting up a payment system (contact Infofit to let us know that you  need to set up credit cards, [email protected])
  • How to professionally deal with clients

After purchase, you will be given access all of the course content which contains videos as well as interactive spreadsheets and notes for you to use both during and after you’ve completed the course. These tools will help you build and grow your business!

At completion of the course, you will have a toolkit of knowledge and information for optimally running your business but more importantly, a heightened sense of responsibility for taking your career as a fitness coach seriously. You will be set up to succeed!

Optimally Start and Run Your Business

A Complete Business Toolkit for Personal Trainers – Set Yourself up for Success