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The Business of Training and Coaching - Starting a Fitness Business

Learn The Skills You Need to Start Your Own Fitness Business

Starting a Fitness Business Online Course

Starting a Fitness Business teaches you the skills you’ll need to work for yourself or a club. This course will help you develop a business plan and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to begin, administer, market, and promote your fitness business.

Learn fitness industry trends,  business planning, management and expansion.

Step-by-Step Instruction

This course helps you lay out a game plan for conceptualizing a business strategy and provides step-by-step instruction on planning, administering, marketing, and promoting your own personal training business.

Self-employed Fitness professionals all face unique challenges when starting a Fitness Business. This online continuing education course will teach you how to manage a training and coaching business using 10 key steps. This course will lead you through the creation of your brand, developing a business plan using several revenue streams and marketing strategy using different techniques.

Gain the Knowledge to Implement Your Entrepreneurial Plans

This course will cover:
• Marketing principles
• Fee structure
• Content marketing
• Social Media Marketing

After completing the course, you will have learned and practiced the distinctive aspects involved in researching, planning, implementing, and expanding your own personal training business.

Course Contents:
• Workbook
• Continuing education exam

Once you complete and pass the online exam, a completion certificate will be issued and this can be submitted to your certification body for CEC’s

CEC's: ACE 1.1 , ACSM 11, BCRPA 11

and more



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