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Strength: Mind Over Matter Webinar

mental strengthPresented By: Sylvia Rayner RCH, Learning & Development Strategist and Mental Performance Coach


Strength: Mind Over Matter Webinar

As a personal trainer, you know that strength is not determined just by physical capability: mindset and mental strength has a tremendous impact on how much a person can lift on a given day. Unfortunately, most people find this “mental game” mysterious and (even worse) outside of their control — they appear to have good days and bad days, and can’t reliably set up their optimal mental state to lift at their best.

This webinar will give you an understanding of how the mind plays into strength work, in ways that you can directly apply to your own training as well as your clients.

You will:

  • Learn how mental imagery directly impacts physical performance in strength training
  • Understand the role of concentration and focus, and practical ways to improve them
  • Get inspired to improve your own mental game as well as your clients

Learn through stories and demonstrations and leave prepared — with new techniques in your PT toolkit to take you to the next level.

About Sylvia Rayner

Sylvia Rayner is an educator and a clinical hypnotherapist. She is passionate about helping people become the most fully realized version of themselves through inner mastery.

Since 2011 she has worked on human performance with clients of all ages; as a clinician, teacher and coach. Sylvia’s specialty is helping athletes and other high performers achieve next-level results through mental training techniques: Accelerating achievement. Busting through plateaus. Marshaling post-traumatic growth.


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