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Stubborn Fat Loss and the HCG Diet

Pros and Cons of the HcG Diet 

HCG Diet - Stubborn fat lossThe popular and widespread notion of fat loss as simply the difference between calories consumed and calories expended is inadequate in relation to the complexities of 21st-century North American lifestyle. In fact, for those over 30 years of age, the simple calories-in versus calories-out theory seldom works. There are a significant number of variables that need to be considered when looking for weight-loss solutions.

Energy from the Fat Cells Already Stored

In this lecture Dr. Seema Kanwal, Naturopathic Physician, will address some of these variables and discuss pros and cons of the HCG diet.  What if your body could use energy primarily from the fat cells already stored in your body? Is the HcG Diet safe for anyone and everyone? Register today and join us to find out more.

Presented By: Dr. Seema Kanwal, BSc, ND

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