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The Top 10 Energy Boosters

Does Your Energy Drop Mid Afternoon?

natural energy boostersDoes the 3 o’clock wall sound familiar to you? When energy starts lagging does either a nap or coffee sounds perfect? What if there was another option?

We don’t need caffeine and other stimulants, with their side effects, to get us through the day, but in today’s society, we are easily fooled into thinking we do. There are, however, many foods that release energy slowly keeping us away from the energy highs and lows that we often get when consuming things like caffeine and sugar. These slow release foods are much healthier and safer for us.

Which are the Best Natural Ways

Join us during this informational podcast with Dr. Seema Kanwal to find out which natural foods we should be eating to keep us going all day long.

Presented By: Dr. Seema Kanwal, BSc, ND

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