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How to Train People with Chronic Illness - CEC Lecture

Presented By: Andre Noel Potvin, M.SC, President of Infofit

Special Guest: Kimberly Merke, NPAA Natural Athlete & Bikini Competitor, Chronic Illness Sufferer

Location:  webinar


Kim Merke - Chronic Illness suffererHow to Train People with Chronic Illness

Join Andre Noel Potvin with special guest Kimberley Merke, NPAA Natural Athlete & Bikini competitor, and chronic illness sufferer for an informative talk on chronic illness and how to maximize one’s quality of life and training through fitness and nutrition.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Kimberley became a bikini competitor in spite of her chronic illness
  • How to help your clients achieve their goals and fulfil your dreams while living with a chronic illness
  • How you can help clients to stay positive and fight back the dark thoughts and feelings that may come with living with chronic illness
  • Nutritional strategies

You will also learn:

  • The FITT exercise strategies for people with chronic illness
  • How to communicate with health care professionals to coordinate and optimize your clients’ care
  • And More…

How to Train People with Chronic Illness CEC Webinar

Online Webinar