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Training a Client with a Concussion

If you, our your client has experienced a concussion, you may be wondering when is the best time to return to exercise. Do you know if it’s beneficial for your client to work out after they have had a concussion? Can you make the concussion worse? Or Better?

training clients with a concussionJoin us for this 1 hour webinar by Dr Katie Gaskin, and understand the best post-concussion plan on training a client with a concussion.

During this webinar Dr Gaskin will discuss:

  • Prevalence of concussion and challenges surrounding the recognition of concussion
  • Understanding the ever-changing science behind concussion
  • Vulnerable populations and prevention strategies
  • How to properly return to exercise following a concussion
  • How Personal Trainers can contribute to a client’s concussion rehab
  • The most effective tools to help your clients combat post-concussion syndrome

About Dr Katie Gaskin, DC

Dr. Katie Gaskin is a Chiropractor, strength and conditioning coach, and former professional hockey player. Having reached the pinnacle of her sport, she understands that physical preparation, maintenance, and recovery are paramount for top athletic performance. Due to her personal injury experience as an athlete, Dr. Katie has a special interest in the assessment and treatment of peripheral nerve dysfunction and concussion rehabilitation.

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