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Athletic Training - Foundations of Training the Athletic Population

Learn How To Get the Best Performance From Your Clients

Training Athletic Clients

Training Athletic ClientsIn this half-day workshop, an introduction to training athletic clients, we’ll construct a case study to look at the Hows and Whys of higher performance programming principles. This will help clarify which athletic qualities are priorities in constructing training programs, how to select appropriate training loads, exercises, and energy systems to get the best performance outcomes with the least training inputs in both short and longer-term planning. Create programs even for populations with non-athletic aspirations.

Learn the Structuring of Training Programs Using Athletic Training Principles

In this interactive workshop, you will gain insight into better structuring of training programs using athletic training principles. Even if your clients are not athletically inclined!!

Join Faolan Dunphy, former NCAA Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach, endurance sport coach, and educator for Infofit School for Fitness Professionals. Faolan has over 20 years of practical experience in fields varying from youth to geriatric and from clinical to sport rehabilitation to world-class sport performance consulting.

Training Athletic Clients

Attend this interactive workshop to find out how simple programming can (and must!) be to get the best performance out of your clients.

By the end of this 3.5 -hour workshop you have will gained insight in how to correctly structure short and longer term training processes using athletic training principles/modalities

3 BCRPA and 0.3 ACE CEC's

Date: 2019 TBD

Time: 10am – 2pm

Course location: Infofit Education Centre 105 – 1687 West Broadway, Vancouver