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Treating Sports Injuries with Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy Helps the Body Heal Itself

ProlotherapyIf you could improve a sports injury naturally and avoid surgery, would you? Prolotherapy essentially helps the body heal itself. Although studies are ongoing, this treatment is used as treatment for many things such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica to name just a few.

Very Effective Treatment

Prolotherapy is the growth of new ligament tissue in areas where it has become weak and is a form of treatment that has been around thousands of years. Prolotherapy works by the same process that the human body naturally uses to stimulate the body’s healing system, inflammation.  The technique involves the injection of dextrose that causes an inflammatory response, which tells the body the healing process needs to begin. The growth of new ligaments and tendons tissue is then stimulated. The tissue which forms as a result of prolotherapy is thicker and stronger than normal tissue, up to 40% stronger in some cases!

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Presented By: Dr. Seema Kanwal, BSc, ND

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