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Non Diet Weight Management Online CEC Course

Learn how to educate clients on weight management.

Weight Management Online CE CourseObesity in the world wide population is epidemic, it is crucial that fitness professionals have knowledge to help clients manage their weight.

Nondiet Weight Management Online CE Course provides practical strategies for breaking the cycle of diet failure while maintaining nutritional health. Help your clients rethink their approach to food, increase physical activity, and improve self-image and lifestyle habits. Gain strategies that focus on eating and activity patterns—not weight or appearance—and achieve lasting benefits in health, fitness, and self-esteem.

Break the cycle of diet failure and maintaining nutritional health.

This course provides fitness professionals with a concrete background in weight management, and guides fitness professionals in working within their scope of practice, referring to outside professionals when necessary, and providing services to clients dealing with weight concerns.

The Weight Management course teaches you how to approach and educate clients, and provide them with effective weight management services.

The course components are delivered online and include a continuing education exam.

CEC's: BCRPA 7.0. ACSM 7.0

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