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Weight Training ICE

The Weight Training ICE is completed as part of the BCRPA process. Infofit hosts ICE’s once a month, your completed ICE package (Completed Form B, 5 C2’s) must be handed in to infofit a week before your scheduled ICE date.

The Weight Training ICE is part written (at home) and part practical in person, please refer to Form D section C & D for information on the practical portion.

Date of Weight Training ICELocationTimeICE Package Final Hand in DateLink to Pay
July 6thInfofit - 105-1687 West Broadway.1.30pmJune 29th, 2022Link to Pay
July 27th, 2022Infofit - 105-1687 West Broadway.1.30pmJuly 20th, 2022Register
August 24th, 2022Infofit - 105-1687 West Broadway.1.30pmAugust 17th, 2022Register
September 21st, 2022Infofit - 105-1687 West Broadway.1.30pmSeptember 14th, 2022Register
October 26th, 2022Infofit - 105-1687 West Broadway.1.30pmOctober 19th, 2022Register
November 23, 2022 Infofit - 105-1687 West Broadway.1.30pmNovember 16th, 2022Register