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Why Do We Get Fatter As We Age

Be Proactive in Limiting Your own Weight Gain

Why Do We Get Fatter As We AgeNot only do our lifestyles change as we age but our bodies do too. Our hormones are associated with many areas of weight control such as our metabolism, where we store fat making us fatter, our appetite and our cravings. Our hormone levels change naturally as we age and all these areas are affected which for many people, means weight gain. This issue doesn’t just affect women going through menopause, hormone fluctuations happen with men as well so everyone will benefit from this seminar.

Do Our Hormone Levels Make us Fatter?

In this one hour information session with Dr. Seema Kanwal, you will learn precisely how our hormones change as we age and what that means for our weight. With this information, you can be proactive in limiting your own weight gain and staying happy and healthy long into the future.

Presented By: Dr. Seema Kanwal, BSc, ND

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