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Craving That? Try This Nutrition Instead ...

What is Your Body Really Craving?

How frequent are you overcome with the urge to devour an ice-cream bar or cheeseburger? Even the most disciplined nutrition conscious individual have had to learn how to cope with unhealthy food cravings. Many think that a longing for junk food is really a result from emotions. This may be true but not necessarily.

Stimulated By Emotional Cues

Experts believe cravings are typically stimulated by emotional cues and then as we imagined driven by physiological ones.  So in avoiding mindless munching, try to determine the causes of your cravings and prepare strategies to subdue them. Below are tips to help you do just that.

Personal trainers are often faced with clients challenged with that nutrition question of how to control the urges. This guide will help: Craving That? Try this instead ..