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Elite Personal Trainers for Stroke Rehabilitation

benefits of post stroke rehabilitation

Stroke is the 4th leading cause of death in North America and the number one leading cause of disability. The medical community is fully aware of the importance and benefit of post stroke rehabilitation under the supervision of an elite personal trainers.

participation in resistance training after a stroke is a safe and effective way to improve muscle strength

The current recommendations for stroke rehabilitation include strength training, which can also be an effective form of fitness training for subjects with minor weakness. Including the methods of progressive resistance training (PRT; loads of 70% or more of the maximum strength) on muscle strength, muscle tone, gait performance and perceived participation after stroke is a safe and effective way to improve muscle strength post stroke, without negative effects on muscle tone.

If you have had a stroke, it is recommended that you include an elite personal trainer supervised total body exercise program following the cardiovascular accident. These sessions can help you with a positive response towards the activities of daily living.  Working with a personal trainer, he or she will work on balancing both sides of the body, improving overall strength and coordination, resulting in greater total body recovery.

restore strength and function after a stroke incident

An elite personal trainer certified in stroke rehabilitation can, in combination with appropriate medical screening and following an appropriate structure course of recovery that adheres to specific programming, provide the patient with all the benefits of training. This training seeks to minimize the risk of additional adverse events or injury while restoring strength and function after a stroke incident.