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Exercise & Headaches

Tension headaches are the most common

Migraines are the most debilitating type of headache, and tension headaches are the most common, but no matter what the type, headaches exact a heavy toll and can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.

important to know cause of headache

Sometimes headache can also be due to excessive consumption of certain foods like milk, aspartame and chocolate. It can also be due to caffeine withdrawal. Headaches may last for several hours while some experience it for one whole day. Before knowing the available headache cures that you can resort to, it is important to know about the causes of headache first.

Vitamin B2 can decrease the frequency of migraine attacks. Coenzyme Q10 can decrease migraine frequency by approximately 30% and migraine-related nausea by approximately 45%.

Regular exercise can reduce your risk of headaches

Regular exercise can reduce your risk of headaches, and lack of regular physical exercise can leave you more susceptible to chronic headaches. Hiring a personal trainer is good for giving the headache sufferer an overall sense of well-being, and helps to promote good health.

Exercise – depending on the individual – ranges from walking, treadmill, stationary bikes to aerobics.  We now know that aerobic respiration increases our endorphins (our bodies’ pain-preventing chemicals!) thereby reducing the sensation of headache pain felt!

different types of recipes to help cure the pain

This infographic provides a description of different types of headaches and a list of different types of recipes to help cure.


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