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The Effect Exercise Has on Medical Marijuana Users

Medical Marijuana Prescriptions and Your Personal Trainer

With medical marijuana prescriptions on the rise, those individuals requiring a personal trainer rehab specialist, the following study is worth noting. It’s common knowledge that THC is stored in fat and known to cause positive tests weeks after a person has last consumed it. This research is the first to document that exercise can lead to a rise in THC levels in the blood.

Exercise Can Lead to a Rise in THC Levels

Medical MarijuanaThis new data may explain cases like that of Whistler’s snowboarder and Olympic champion Ross Rebagliati. Ross Rebagliati nearly had his gold medal stripped from testing positive for cannabis long after he’d said he had last smoked it. There are other instances of post marijuana users testing positive in rehab when they exercised with certified personal trainers  despite being abstinent.

Trigger a Positive Blood Test

The study found in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, lead by Iain McGregor, professor of psychopharmacology at the University of Sydney in Australia, cited that levels of marijuana’s active ingredient THC were up to as high as 34% immediately after users exercised. This is possibly enough to trigger a positive blood test and suggest that users had used more recently than they actually did.

Runner’s High

The research involved 15 marijuana users, who had a joint a day and a blood test both before and after a 35 minutes of moderate stationary biking. They had been clean for a minimum of 24 hours when they were tested. Their body fat was measured, by recording their (BMI) body mass index. Researchers found a spike in THC levels after working out, which ranged from 0%  to 34%, and increased with people who had more body fat. Larger BMI people showed a higher state to very thin people who had no effect at all.

Could this be enough to cause impairment? The study wasn’t designed to measure intoxication however, that it’s “theoretically” possible, and McGregor is conducting more research to answer that question.

Stimulate the Brain’s Natural Cannabinoid System

Interestingly other research found that people who do not consume marijuana, both exercise and stress can stimulate the brain’s natural cannabinoid system. This can lead the body to the release THC equivalents to that what contributes to a “runner’s high” and other dreamy feelings during stressful moments or following a session with your personal trainer.


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