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Exercise Myths - Infographic

Do you subscribe to fitness fads, exercise myths, and offbeat diets to get fit?

More than 50% of the population is struggling with stubborn fat and no matter what exercise they do, they can’t get rid of it. They subscribe to a lot of fitness fads, exercise myths, and offbeat diets to get fit.  Often these exercise training methods accelerate muscular imbalances and joint degeneration.  It is highly recommended to have an elite personal trainer provide fitness testing and design you an exercise program based on the results of your fitness tests.

top 10 exercise myths

This infographic sheds the light on the top 10 exercise myths.

exercise mythsSeparating the Facts from Fiction

For more information on Separating the Facts from Fiction, myths on subjects like Women & Resistance Training, “Lean Mass & Fat Mass Gains & Loss”, and most common misconceptions about Cardio & Weight Training as well as Sport Nutrition & Supplementation. Learn the real story behind the most persistent current fitness training myths. Download this lecture by Sylvain Cyr, Fitness Myths & Mysteries for the latest information.